June 30, 2010

The Law that Never Was

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The Globe and Mail’s columnist Adam Radwanski pursues the Government of Ontario on the G-20 five metre rule:

First, the government failed to announce its new law. A simple press release could have explained what the regulation,…did and didn’t cover. Instead, the province buried it on a government website, such that nobody heard about it until an arrest was made.

Worse, the Liberals made no effort over the weekend to set the record straight, even though virtually every media outlet was reporting that people merely passing by the fence could find themselves in deep trouble. Mr. McGuinty…offered only “a lot of confidence in Chief Blair” and “very strong support of this time-limited extraordinary measure,” which reinforced the impression that the latter included the zone’s surrounding area.

Now, the Liberals are ducking any responsibility for the fact that they effectively (if inadvertently) gave police powers they were never intended to have…


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